Backup settings on Ubuntu

The backup package Deja-dup is included into Ubuntu default package. Here are some instructions how to set-up the backup, using cloud storage.This is especially useful for developers (ruby, java, etc).


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Restore Hibernation Function in Ubuntu

There was some problem with hibernation in Ubuntu. Some computers doesn’t support this. That’s why in Ubuntu 12.04 Hibernation function was removed. Only Ubuntu certificated computers that was tested for hibernation are supporting this. But you can test your computer yourself and activate this function. Simple do all this steps: Read More »

Age Of Empires Game Now On Linuxda – 0 A.D.

I think lots of you know one of the best game of its time, Age Of Empires, which was only for Windows OS. This game really was best of all strategy games. Lots of us wanted this game for Linux and now this team working on linux version of this program. Linux version name is “0 A.D.”.

0 A.D. Screenshot 10 A.D. Screenshot 2
0 A.D. Screenshot 30 A.D. Screenshot 3

Game’s graphics are so good than all other strategy games working on Linux. Game didn’t freeze when we tested it on Linux Ubuntu.

If you want to test this game simple open the Terminal (press Ctrl+Alt+T kays) and enter this lines:

This not final release, this is version for testing.

If you are a programmer you can help here for creating final version of game.

Caffeine – don’t sleep







A useful plugin, which preserves the activation of both the screensaver and the “sleep” powersaving mode.


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Corel AfterShot – cool photo editor for linux

The software giant Corel had presented an AfterShot Pro,- a program which functions are similar with Adobe Lightroom.

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Linux Alternative of Windows Softwares

Every Windows user wants to change their operating system to Linux when they know some useful information about Linux based Operating Systems. But they cant without their favorite softs. We also wrote how to port Windows programs into Linux. Now we will write about Alternatives of Windows software for Linux.
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Ubuntu translator

Hi, today i’m gonna to tell about one lifehack,- how to get a translation in the form of default notification. It shall be useful for people who are too lazy to search the translation of every new word they find.

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Install Photoshop CS5 on your Ubuntu



After some troubles and a few days of researching, i’ve managed to install and use Adobe Photoshop CS5 on my Ubuntu. Actually, you can run any Adobe product from CS5 and later versions. It’s worth noting, that CS5 is the first version which stable in Linux – as it known, it was aimless to try to launch CS3 and CS4 even using WINE. Hooray.



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